Hesti Rossmann was founded on seriousness and devotion, specialized on civil, tunnel, road and railroad engineering.

Throughout the hard economic times, we managed to prosper. Honesty, integrity and devotion brought us where we are today and will guide us in the future.

From tunneling, highways, railroads, civil buildings, bridges to bank vaults, you name it.

We have specialized personnel because we don’t like to take any chances.

We have accomplished complex projects in many countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Romania and we believe that for construction sites there are no borders. Let your dreams and ideas be the ones that take us far away.

We are always looking for challenging projects.

We strive to leave behind all that its best, completing with our solid work performance. At Hesti Rossmann we help build a better future.

Why choose us

6 International Certifications


Over 550 qualified construction personnel

Over 100 construction sites completed


Over 18 years experience

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